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BORD3RS is an EY Fabernovel Web3 offer based on: 

  • Acculturation & Immersion: Upskilling on Web3 knowledge and utilities to drive adoption and usage.

  • Strategy & Design: Define and develop Web3 strategy to optimize outcomes and deliver sustainable new value.  

  • Prototype & Scale: Assess & Implement technical capabilities to build and scale Web3 initiatives — blockchain, NFT & Immersive technologies.

We ensure cyber security to protect your brand & community and optimize data management & client engagement. Our team also works on tax, legal and governance issues so you can easily identify, develop and implement strategic initiatives for functional enablers. 

BORD3RS is 200 fullstack Web3 experts based in Europe, North America and Asia; a network of Metaverse Labs in each region - that test & learn the latest technologies and co-create with our clients to develop a strategy that is aligned with their vision and ambitions; over 500 Web3 completed projects including over 450 blockchain projects covering all sectors and industries: luxury, retail, finance, insurance, health & pharma, transportation, culture, etc.

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