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JENII aims to create new forms of learning environments closer to professional realities, specific to the industry of the future and based on immersive and collaborative environments built around digital twins of real industrial systems.

Digital twins are part of the industrial reality, they are accessible from everywhere and offer experiential and gamified learning means to facilitate the training of learners and the retention of knowledge. It is therefore important to bring digital twins into the training of industry players.

JENII project aims to produce:
- a platform for designing digital twins ;
- a platform for the dissemination of digital twins;
- an immersive campus;
- examples of digital twins of real industrial systems;
- guides for the creation of pedagogical scenarios using these immersive and interactive twins and for the evaluation of their impact on learning.

Three levels of training are targeted: from the discovery level for high school students to the performance level for engineering students. They will also be used in the context of continuing education.

The JENII project - Jumeaux d'Enseignement Numérique Immersifs et Interactifs - is one of the 17 winners of the "DemoES" call for proposals (Digital Demonstrators in Higher Education). It is led by Arts et Métiers Science & Technology and includes CESI, Cnam and CEA. It started on November 1, 2021 for a period of 3 years and has a budget of €14.3M.


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03/17/2023 | 11:00 - 11:20 | Workshop stage