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We are reimaging, revolutionizing, and upgrading conservative banking and unflexible business crypto accounts by uniting traditional payment and blockchain technology. Founded by seasoned entrepreneurs, Banxe Team knows the pain of being a crypto startup with no bank account. We aim to support founders, entrepreneurs, and innovators across the globe. Launched in 2022, Banxe opened its doors to thousands of clients and serves dozens of businesses. Our solution gives businesses faster, more flexible, and more convenient financial opportunities with one simple app. We provide business accounts with a dedicated IBAN and a corporate crypto wallet. With Banxe, businesses can manage their fiat money and crypto in one account.

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Banking for crypto and web3 - What is the future of banking? - Keynote Banxe

Conference Bitcoin Blockchain Cryptocurrencies DeFi
03/16/2023 | 10:30 - 10:50 | Auditorium